Brousseau: "It's not a relevant thing right now..."

Earlier, we reported provincial Conservative Skeena candidate Mike Brousseau made headlines in 2004 when he launched a cross-country trek to protest Bill C-250 - which extended hate-crimes protection to gays and lesbians. At the time, Mr. Brousseau told he was concerned that bill would limit freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Although he stressed his trek wasn't mean as an attack on members of that community. So, five years later, what does Mr. Brousseau think about that bill now that it's become law?

Speaking with Public Eye, he said, "It's not a relevant thing right now for where I'm at. It's not worthy my pursuing it. It was important at the time. And, right now, I think there's bigger issues that are at stake. And I'm willing to work on those bigger issues. Our economy right now in Terrace is failing miserably. We need to have more jobs up here. Our sawmill closed down. We have people moving out to Alberta. To me, that's the main issue right now. And so that's what I'm focusing in on."

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