Foy: "...why in the Hell would you support that or pander to it in this way?"

Earlier today, three environmental organizations held a media briefing where they panned the New Democrats' platform while praising the Liberals' climate change policies. But there are 13 other organizations who support the Campbell administration's carbon tax last year who weren't at that meeting. Among them: the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, the largest membership-based, citizen-funded wilderness protection organization in Canada. So what does the committee think about this development?

In an exclusive interview with Public Eye, committee national campaign director Joe Foy - who didn't know about the briefing - said, "Yes, the wilderness committee is disappointed that the NDP do not support the carbon tax. But, in a broader environmental sense, we are very pleased with many parts of the NDP platform - including their protection of BC Hydro and keeping it public and protected, our best tool for fighting climate change."

"We are appreciative of those NDP MLAs who are not enamored of the Gateway freeway expansion program," he continued. "And, as far as fighting climate change, the government's fixation on expanding freeways and bridges - I don't know how the Hell you'd ever support that program as a way to fight climate change. At 40 percent, transportation is our biggest contributor to climate change. And with our government pushing for more and more freeways and bridges, I don't know why the heck everyone isn't kicking their asses over this, as they should be."

So what's his opinion of the David Suzuki Foundation, ForestEthics and The Pembina Institute's briefing? "Well, I understand their disappointed over the NDP not following the carbon tax, but for God sake! The sucking up to large industrial polluters, the gutting of everything from the Forest Practices Code to the very right for citizens to know whose polluting in their neighborhoods, the catering to the carbon spewing industries - including those industries that profit from sprawl development - why in the Hell would you support that or pander to it in this way?"

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Joe Foy is absolutely right - and he was just getting warmed up! How about the fish farm fiasco, with Alexandra Morton and others fighting the BC Liberals' massive expansion of sea-lice infested open-net cage farming? How about what they did to the Ministry of Environment - gutting 25% of wildlife protection officers - and even changing the name?

The so-called environmentalists who have sold their souls for nothing more than an increase in the price of gas - where not one cent goes to public transit or environmental benefits - should be ashamed of themselves!

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