Hanni: "Our position is that all Canadians should be treated equally."

Provincial Conservative leader Wilf Hanni said yesterday his party believes no one should be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation. But, that being said, he added the Conservatives don't believe gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry.

At issue: in a 2004 interview with LifeSiteNews.com, the party's future Skeena candidate Mike Brousseau said he was concerned Bill C-250 - which extended hate-crimes protection to gays and lesbians - would limit freedom of speech and freedom of religion in Canada. As a result, Mr. Brousseau launched a cross-country trek with his family to protest the legislation. Although that trek wasn't meant as an attack on gays and lesbians, professing his love for all people. Instead, he was quoted as saying, "I'm attacking the bill."

In response, Mr. Hanni stated, "Our position is that all Canadians should be treated equally. There should be no discrimination against anyone based on ethnic origin, gender or sexual preference. Having said that, we believe in the traditional definition of marriage as a union between a man and a women - the primary purposes of which is to propagate the species, that is to have general. And we don't believe homosexuals - or any two men or two women - should be allowed to get married. We do accept there should be legal provisions for homosexuals for the protection of homosexual couples in the case of a breakup. But that doesn't have to be through a traditional marriage" - agreeing a civil union could be an alternative.

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