There's a right way and a wrong way

Gordon Campbell's government may be loathed by the left. But that doesn't mean he's loved by the right. After all, the premier comes across as more of a corporatist than a populist, favouring dress shirts over plaid shirts. And he's not much of a libertarian either - fickle in his affections for smaller government, at times flirting with its bustier cousin. And when his government got too cozy with the federal LIberals during its first term in office, the Tories contemplated supporting a provincial Conservative party.

But, even without that support, the provincial Conservatives polled above nine percent in two ridings in the last election - surprising for a party that spent just over $5,000 during the campaign. So will they do better in this election? Our bet is we won't know until the ballots are counted. Because of budget cuts, many reporters will be covering the campaign from Vancouver - not from the constituencies most likely to vote Conservative. And that means we could be in for another surprise on election day.

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Populism repulses global neoliberal privateers like Campbell:

And George W. Bush both eviscerated government while bloating it. Human services in the former case and military/corporate contracts in the latter case. Sound familiar? :)

Since the soon to be bankrupt CanWest/Global machine avoids real reporting, their analysis of the election will be equally unreliable. So other more on-the-ground media will have more insight. Yay new media!

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