Government's out for summer?

Last month, the Campbell administration once again asked civil servants what they thought about the idea of voluntarily reducing their work hours to prevent public service layoffs. This, after an earlier survey found 52 percent of respondents were opposed to the proposal. But, this time, the government specified that workweek reduction would be a one-time program, scheduled to take place between July and August. And, according to results obtained exclusively by Public Eye, 52 percent of respondents were in favour of such a program. The following is a complete copy of those results.

The results are in!

Reduced Workweek Follow-Up

Thanks to all of you who voted in the reduced workweek follow-up poll and shared your opinions. Stay tuned for a decision on whether or not this will proceed - coming soon!

If you voted in favour of the voluntary reduced workweek options, tell us what was on your mind:

1024 (52%) Thought it would help me address my work/life balance
554 (28%) Liked the idea of helping to avoid job impacts
294 (13%) Thought it was a creative idea we should try
144 (7%) Other

If you voted no, you were not in favour of the voluntary reduced workweek options, tell us what was on your mind:

307 (18%) Didn't trust that it would truly be voluntary.
163 (10%) Didn't trust that the savings would be redirected to save jobs.
462 (27%) Didn't think I could manage my workload if I stayed at work while others took advantage of the program.
213 (13%) Was worried about the impact on my benefits.
536 (32%) Other

Based on what you know now, would you personally choose to participate in a one-time program to offer a voluntary reduced workweek over two months this summer (July and August)?

2291 (52%) Yes
2112 (48%) No

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