When the government first announced it would be allowing taller wood-frame buildings, the Campbell administration assured the public those structures were safe because "six storey wood frame construction is already practiced in other places, such as Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Buildings recently constructed there have performed well." But, in interviews with Public Eye, officials in Seattle and Portland confirmed those cities only allow for the construction of five-storey wood-frame buildings." As a result, government has now changed that questions and answers document to read: "Jurisdictions in the U.S. Northwest, where climate and seismic conditions are similar to B.C., have allowed mid-rise residential wood-frame buildings for a few years and these buildings have performed well."

This, despite the fact a government spokesperson initially insisted six-storey buildings do exist in those jurisdictions, citing an example of an "all-wood condo development that is visible from Interstate 5." Fancy that!

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