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Strategic Communications Inc. - a consulting firm whose clients have included the New Democrats and labour movement members - is sharing its office space with British Columbia's electoral reform campaign. "They had a bunch of space they'd been using during the municipal campaign and it was empty. And we looked around Vancouver for offices. And it was the best deal we got," Fair Voting BC spokesperson Bruce Hallsor explained. "They were willing to give us a good deal on it. It already had phone lines and stuff in it. It was cheaper than renting some of the other locations we looked at."

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I am pretty proud of the fact that Fair Voting BC has always been a successful multi-partisan organization. Bruce Hallsor is a BC Liberal and Federal Conservative. We have New Democrats and Greens on our board. We have great rich discussions, make timely decisions and generally work really well together. This could be our legislature under BC-STV!

Arjun Singh
Fair Voting BC

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