Birds of a feather?

Last year, the Sierra Club of BC was among the more than 16 environmental groups that praised the Campbell administration's carbon tax. But the club's new executive director, former British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union president George Heyman, has been a critic of how that tax is structured.

In a February 19, 2008 news release, Mr. Heyman said , "The (finance) minister claimed that low income earners wouldn't be unfairly hit by the new tax. But by 2012, the Liberals will only return a dollar in special credits to low income people for every two dollars they take in the form of added carbon taxes. That's hardly revenue neutral."

In a subsequent interview with The Toronto Star's Petti Fong, Mr. Heyamn was paraphrased as saying, "Instead of a carbon tax...working families and low-income residents would have preferred to see higher minimum wages and welfare rates."

He also told Opinion 250, "As the carbon tax is being brought in it creates an unlevel playfield for those who live in the central and Northern parts of the province. Sending everyone a $100 dollar check to residents in the rural part of the province does little to offset the cost of the fuel increase."

And he was quoted by The Tyee as saying, "I'd be happy to give my $100 to the first environmental organization to publicly state that carbon tax revenue would be better spent assisting working families to afford fuel efficient vehicles and home heating."

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