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As the executive assistant to provincial Liberal executive director Kelly Reichert, Dallas Henault has lived in Vancouver for the past three years. But, in an interview with Public Eye Radio, Mr. Henault declined to say whether he'd be moving back to Vancouver or returning to his job with the party if he loses the upcoming election.

"Very simply, this is my home. Ever since I turned 18, I look at that as the time when I was able to choose where I wanted to live. I choose Victoria. So, in the greater part of my young adult life, I've lived in Victoria the longest of anywhere. I have great memories of this community. I have a lot of friends here. And this is the place I want to be. Eventually, I'd like to raise my family here. I'm not at that point yet in terms of family. But, very simply, this is my home," he said when asked why he wasn't running in the Lower Mainland or his hometown of Kelowna.

So will Mr. Henault move back to Vancouver if he loses the upcoming election? "Right now, I'm focused on the next 37 days. I'm looking at winning on May 12, 2009 and defeating (New Democrat incumbent candidate) Carole James. So my focus is entirely on that. I'll worry about other things after that," Mr. Henault responded.

And he didn't leave that message box, even when pressed three times about the issue. ""I don't know," said, in response to questions about whether he'd be returning to Vancouver and his job with the Liberals if the vote goes against him. "That's something I'm going to worry about after the election. Like I said, what the people that are listening right now are going to know is that I'm 26-years-old, I have my whole life ahead of me. So right now I'm focused on winning on May 12. And I'll decide other things after all."

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