Solicitations from the former solicitor general

Yesterday, we reported provincial Liberal legislator John Les had sent a message to "supporters and friends" soliciting opinions on whether he should "continue to run for re-election or "withdraw." Asked about that message by the Chilliwack Times's Paul Henderson, Mr. Les said, "I'm starting to get response and so far they've been quite favourable and in fact gratifying. But it's early on. I don't want to presuppose too much just yet." As for whether there was a chance he really would withdraw, Mr. Henderson paraphrased the former solicitor general as saying "he has his own thoughts on things, but he truly wanted to ask friends and supporters for any advice and thoughts on his own candidacy."

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Just a small note to mention that it was the very fine spade work of Paul Henderson that did the most to unearth the 'situation' involving Mr. Les such that it could be brought out into the light for all of us to see.

Perhaps someone in the PubEye braintrust should think about bringing Mr. Henderson on as a Fraser Valley correspondent?

Heckfire - he probably already has a DigiCam...



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