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VoteSmart BC needs to step up its research. Today, the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association announced their online campaign would be "taking dead aim at the lack of change within the NDP and drawing clear links between the current NDP led by Carole James and the economically destructive NDP governments of the 1990s." And, as part of that effort, "each weekday until the election, VoteSmart BC will be exposing a different NDP member" - starting with Vancouver-Kingsway legislator Adrian Dix. But what that expose doesn't mention is Mr. Dix controversial "memo to file" misstep. Fancy that! The following is a complete copy of VoteSmart BC's incomplete biography of the New Democrat health critic.

Adrian Dix

Current Position: Running for re-election as NDP MLA, Vancouver Kingsway, Appointed NDP Health Critic by Carole James

Past Positions: Chief of Staff to NDP Premier Glen Clark, Ministerial Assistant to Employment and Investment Minister Glen Clark, Ministerial Assistant to Finance Minister Glen Clark

Family Connections: Dix worked for NDP MP Ian Waddell, who went on to be a senior economic minister in the Clark government. His co-worker in Waddell's office was Mike Farnworth, who went on to be the Minister of Employment and Investment in the Glen Clark government. While he was Chief of Staff for Glen Clark, Dix worked with current MLA John Horgan and Sharron Prescott, who is the current Executive Assistant to CUPE President Barry O'Neill.

Family Secrets: The fast ferry debacle was the brainchild of Dix's buddy Glen Clark when he was Minister of Employment and Investment. Dix was also the senior political advisor in the Clark government when the fudge-it budget was introduced prior to the 1996 election. During Dix's career as the senior political operative in the Clark government, BC became a "˜have not' province.

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In the same spirit of transparency, Sean, I wonder if you or others in the media could do some research of your own for the purpose of revealing more about exactly who or what is VoteSmart BC. They seem to have a lot of money to burn and the sole mission seems to be partisan attacks against the NDP, as opposed to raising voter awareness in general about candidates and/or election issues.

As members of the public - voters, consumers, business people, employees or whatever - it would be helpful to know specifically which companies, organizations or individuals are behind this campaign and why.

I'm also curious about what are the roots of their beef with the NDP and what their ties to other political parties might be, given the nature of their campaign to date.

The NDP obviously have their issues, but you'd be hard pressed to find a saint if you looked hard enough at any candidate. This group reminds me a lot of the "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth" caper that helped lose John Kerry his presidential bid against George W Bush a few years ago. Americans seem to have lost the appetite for such Rove-style attack ads in the last election. I wonder how British Columbians will feel about it?

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