Hanni: "I guess it would only be fair since he's running someone against me."

In 2005, Premier Gordon Campbell won his own riding with 45.98 percent of the vote, coming in 8.28 percentage points ahead of his New Democrat competitor Mel Lehan. But what will happen in this election if the provincial Conservatives run a candidate in that constituency? That's a question some members of the chattering class have been asking. And, in an interview with Public Eye, party leader Wilf Hanni - who is running in Kootenay East against Liberal incumbent Bill Bennett - said, "I've had it suggested to me several times" that the Conservative should field a standard bearer in Vancouver-Point Grey. "I guess it would only be fair since he's running someone against me."

"We haven't found anybody that wants to go up against him yet. But I think probably if we did we'd probably accept that candidate if he was a Conservative," he continued. "We're actively searching for candidates throughout the province, including Mr. Campbell's riding. But we're not specifically targeting Mr. Campbell's riding."

Mr. Hanni added his party expects to have 20 to 30 candidates on the ballot come election day.

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Go for it Wilf Hanni ! Please run a Conservative candidate in Vancouver- Point Grey. Make Gordon Campbell work harder to save his seat. Perhaps he will learn to be empathetic and less arrogant.

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