The Candidate?

Yesterday, former Vancouver South federal Conservative candidate Wai Young told us "I think it's possible you're going to hear something shortly. But not what you think." This, in response to speculation she could be replace Attorney General Wally Oppal as the provincial Liberal candidate in Vancouver-Fraserview. Nevertheless, Ms. Young was spotted at the party's candidate training session this past Saturday at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. But, since that session was also open to candidate campaign teams, it might not be an indicator of her intention to run for elected office.

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I think he should move on to his new career ,

building stone-wall's to protect his friends...!

---- but really ,

when he retires , he won't be asked any more questions ,,,!

( he gets to keep all of the/his secret's , "secret" ,,,! )

and he get's a 4-1 pension plan....!

--- and "We THE PEOPLE" , get to pay for it all ---

ted... ( is there a any way ,
that "we" can STONE-WALLY his pension plan ...?

perhaps roll it back to match 1998 welfare levels ...?

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