Seven years seems like yesterday

Yesterday, the provincial New Democrats peppered the government with questions about former provincial Liberal campaign co-chair Patrick Kinsella. Among the issues: the work his firm The Progressive Group has done to help companies such as Accenture Business Services and Alcan Inc. win major benefits and contracts from the government. This, according to a Progressive resume obtained exclusively by Public Eye. Speaking in the legislature, Attorney General Wally Oppal declined to answer those questions. So we thought we might ask Liberal election preparation co-chair and former competition, science and enterprise minister Rick Thorpe.

True, in 2002 Mr. Thorpe also declined to respond to questions about Mr. Kinsella's relationship with Alcan and the government, telling The Terrace Standard's Jeff Nagel, "Are we trying to talk here about the future of the northwest or are we just trying to cause conflict? I'm trying to bring people together to build a spirit of co-operation and partnership." But it's been seven years. So perhaps he'll be more forthcoming?

In November 2006, Konrad Yakabuski, writing in Report on Business Magazine, quoted Alcan as saying Mr. Kinsella provided the company with "strategic communications advice."


Wow... so he doesn't remember ANY of 2002? He should get that looked into. Or at the very least, Google himself for that year. Seems like he was pretty busy.


On the bright side, despite his hand gestures, at least Mr. Thorpe didn't actually take the fifth...


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