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Last year, in an interview with Public Eye, provincial Liberal House Leader Mike de Jong said the Campbell administration intended to fix its broken Lobbyists Registration Act "before the house rises in the spring." But that hasn't happened. The reason: speaking with reporters, Attorney General Wally Oppal said, "It's before the drafters. There are some changes that needed to be made. But I would add that, while I am interested in having this law changed - I've made that quite clear - the fact is the public doesn't really care much about it. You people do. The opposition members do. But, you know, I get no mail on this. I get a lot of mail on health and education and policing - but not much on this. That doesn't mean I'm indifferent to it - because it is something that needs to be done. And it will be done."

The following is a recording of that scrum in which the attorney general also comments on Vaughn Palmer's recent column on the sub judice rule - a column the Vancouver-Fraserview legislator advised him to write in a moment of pique.

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Unjustifiably overusing "it's before the courts" and claiming cabinet secrecy to block a variety of freedom of information requests: the truth about how the neoLiberals really view transparency, openness and accountability.

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