Yesterday, CKNW's Sean Leslie quoted provincial Liberal House Leader Mike de Jong as saying the last legislative session before the provincial election will come to an end today. "By the end of tomorrow, the bulk of the legislation has passed, I'm happy about that, a couple of lengthy pieces left that I don't see us getting through with only in only a day or two, so MLA's want to get home, they want to engage with their constituents and get on with the campaign," stated Mr. de Jong. And it seems at least one New Democrat legislator may agree, despite the fact the opposition has had some recent success in question period when asking the Liberals about their former campaign co-chair Patrick Kinsella. In a twitter message posted earlier this morning, transportation critic Maurine Karagianis writes she's "getting her wish to get out on the campaign trail. Last day of the session!"


Good on Maurine!

It's good to see that some MLA's are eager to get out into their communities and engage their constituents. That's what it is all about is it not?

I wonder if the BC Liberals are as eager to get on the door step and hear from their communities? Somehow I doubt it!

So Bill 12, a bill to amend the Strata Property Act, will die on the order paper. Was it one of the "unimportant" bills or just a trial balloon so the BC Liberals can say they have started to do something about this antiquated legislation ? In spite of volumes of complaints about the current legislation, I challenge you to find one thing in Hansard about it in the last 4 years prior to Bill 12. Why have so many MLAs on both sides of the house failed to speak out for the 600,000 strata owners who are eligoble to vote on May 12 ? Here's hoping that these voters ask candidates now about this now that the "season" on politicians is now open.


The BC neoLiberals are terrified to hit the streets. They'll knock on the doors of their solid base hoping to get out the vote, but they'll ignore the undecideds for fear of having to discuss their 8 years of social and economic carnage for 95% of the poorest citizens in the province.

And Campbell will stay in his undisclosed location with Dick Cheney as much as possible to avoid bumping into Mel Lehan meeting everyone in Point Grey.


And as for the dopplegangerian Gordon Campbell 2.0.....

Where will he be hiding this time out, I wonder?


Thanks for that info - wasn't aware of the situation.


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