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East Kootenay legislator Bill Bennett may face a tougher re-election campaign thanks to the presence of a soon-to-be-announced provincial Conservative candidate in his riding. But he doesn't seem to be taking the Liberal brand name in with him to the fight. A recent campaign advertisement for the tourism, culture and the arts minister makes no mention of his partisan affiliation. The following is a complete copy of the text of that advertisement, which features a photograph of Minister Bennett, axe in hand, atop of a pile of cut wood. The Conservative candidate is scheduled to be announced tomorrow morning in Cranbrook.


There's no denying that Victoria is a long way from the East Kootenay, both in distance and in culture. Sometimes it seems that the things we value in rural BC aren't priorities in the Lower Mainland. That's why we need a MLA who is strong, passionate and not afraid to get his hands dirty. Bill Bennett understands the issues and past-times that we value in the East Kootenay and he's willing to stand up for them.

Authorized by Harvey Venier, Financial Agent for the Bill Bennett Campaign, 250-426-3821

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Perhaps Mr. Bennett is embarrassed by the urban-centric policies of the liberal government. So much for Gordon Campbell’s “Heartland” priority as money pours into urban centres to support photo ops related to the 2010 Olympics and Lower Mainland transportation issues. What about support for unemployed workers in the Kootenays – Mr. Bennett doesn’t seem to have much sway in that regard. Why can’t Mr. Bennett get the government to focus on rural small business development? It seems to me that Mr. Bennett is a fair weather MLA – looks good in the good times and is completely ineffective in the bad times.

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