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Don't change horses in midstream. That might as well be the Liberals' motto in the upcoming provincial election. They believe their party is the best four-legged beast to carry our burdens through the churning waters of the Great Recession. Indeed, according to a recent Angus Reid Strategies Inc. poll, 43 percent of British Columbians believe Liberal leader Gordon Campbell is best suited to deal with economic issues while just 19 percent think the same of New Democrat leader Carole James.

But many of us are already drown in these turbulent times, having lost our jobs and our savings. And, according to the same poll, just 31 percent of British Columbians think Premier Campbell "understands the problems of BC residents" while 45 percent think Ms. James does. And we can't help but wonder, in the privacy of the ballot booth, how many of those resident may consider choosing the perception of social compassion over the perception of economic competence.

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