Canadian National spokesperson: "...the matter is before the courts."

On Thursday, legislature raid trial defense lawyer Kevin McCullough read out in court an undated briefing note from the files of Pilothouse Public Affairs Inc. That note stated Canadian National Railway Co. complaints were "communicated to the Premier in a face to face meeting, in Victoria, with CN Chair, and long-time Liberal supporter, David McLean a chief fund raiser for Campbell when he ran for the Liberal leadership and CN's BC political adviser, Patrick Kinsella." This, according to a report by The Globe and Mail's Mark Hume and Justine Hunter.

When asked on Monday whether Mr. Kinsella had worked for Canadian National, the newspaper's Gary Mason quoted company spokesperson Kelli Svendsen as saying: "We have nothing to say." But Ms. Svendsen was more forthcoming about the reason for that lack of comment when we asked the same question on March 12.

Noting her firm has been "successfully operating" British Columbia Railway Co.'s line "for five years" the spokesperson said Canadian National's "focus remains on meeting our customers transportation needs. And the matter is before the courts."

In court, Mr. McCullough also referred to a May 19, 2004 email between then British Columbia Railway corporate affairs vice-president Kevin Mahoney and BC Rail privatization evaluation committee member Chris Trump. According to the laywer, that email states Mr. Kinsella got a call from Mr. McLean saying "the deal was at risk" and asking for help.

"Kinsella intends to speak to Martyn," Mr. Hume quoted Mr. McCullough as saying. The laywer suggested Martyn is Martyn Brown, Premier Gordon Campbell's chief of staff.

Mr. Kinsella hasn't returned repeated calls from Public Eye.

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