The things we do for friends

Over the weekend, we reported Vancouver Olympic organizing committee venue construction executive vice-president Dan Doyle was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for provincial Liberal Skeena candidate Donny van Dyk. The reason: Public Eye has learned Mr. Doyle, who spent many years raising his family in Terrace, was invited to participate in the event by friend. And our understanding is he informed the committee prior to attending, paying for all of his expenses personally.

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Mr. Doyle has now confirmed his status as political player. This now casts some shadows on his close and ongoing relationship with many senior public servants and their work. Does he also take a political stance when mentoring them in what they should do? How can we now tell when he is being "political" and when he is not. What about Mr. Doyle's many recommondations on hiring to Jessica MacDonald - do they have a political bias as well? The waters are now muddy and there is no going back.

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