Horgan: "It doesn't take that long to amend a piece of legislation."

Last Sunday, Attorney General Wally Oppal told Public Eye Radio the Campbell administration would be introducing amendments to the Lobbyists Registration Act "this spring. We've indicated that, in any event, depending on what the time schedule will be." But those amendments haven't been forthcoming. So, today, New Democrat legislator John Horgan re-introduced his own Government Integrity Act - which would fix that long-broken piece of legislation.

Commenting on the government's delay in introducing its own fix, Mr. Horgan told reporters, "It doesn't take that long to amend a piece of legislation. We did it in a week and a half. And we don't have half the resources that the government of British Columbia does."

"Thanks to Public Eye Online I've been watching the attorney speak fulsomely in the hallway when he won't speak in the legislature," Mr. Horgan continued. "I think Public Eye Online should ask him again, 'What's the deal?' Why is it taking him so long."

The following is a record of that scrum.

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