Up a False Creek?

Earlier, we reported SageWise Counsel principal Sherry Wiebe had replaced Stephen Chong as the provincial Liberal's candidate in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant. But Ms. Wiebe, who was acclaimed last night, is perhaps best known as being a spokesperson for the controversial False Creek Surgical Centre. That work will likely become a campaign issue. But, when we spoke to Ms. Wiebe, she wouldn't specifically say when she would address that issue.

"I'll be delighted to answer this for you at another time but I'm just in the middle of some urgent deadlines that I've got to deal with before the end of today. So we'll have more opportunity to talk about this. And I look forward to a chance to talk more to you about this in the future," said Ms. Wiebe.

So when can you talk, we pressed. "I'm sure that we'll be talking soon. Thank you Sean," she responded.

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