Jarvis bows out

Earlier, we exclusively reported North Vancouver-Seymour provincial Liberal legislator Dan Jarvis hadn't decided whether he'd seek re-election. And now comes news Mr. Jarvis will be taking his name off the ballot. This, according to a Liberal caucus news release. There's been speculation former West Vancouver chief constable Kash Heed may replace Mr. Jarvis as the party candidate in that riding. The following is a complete copy of that release.

BC Liberal Government Caucus

For Immediate Release
March 25, 2009

Jarvis Stepping Down As MLA

North Vancouver - After 18 years of service, North Vancouver-Seymour MLA Daniel Jarvis will not seek re-election.

"It's been a great pleasure and honour to serve as an MLA for almost two decades," says Jarvis. "I had hoped to have the opportunity to serve four more years to see this riding through the current economic uncertainty and to work with my constituents. But I must now turn the page. My spirit is willing but my heart has other plans and this riding deserves 100 per cent attention and dedication from their MLA."

Earlier this year, Jarvis successfully underwent a quintuple bypass.

"I want to thank Dan for the tremendous service he has given British Columbia and his family for supporting him in his work," says Premier Gordon Campbell. "Dan has always remembered why he got into politics - to make life better for all British Columbians and represent his constituents. Dan has been a valuable member of the team and we're going to miss him. I wish Dan, Dianne and the entire Jarvis family all the best in the future."

Jarvis has lived and worked on the North Shore for 40 years and is a fourth generation British Columbian. Before being elected to the BC Legislature he was involved in the real estate and construction industries. He also worked in the general insurance industry for ten years.

He has a long history of community service. He has been involved in amateur sports including girls softball and hockey. He has coached and organized girls baseball leagues. Jarvis is past-president and organizer of the North Vancouver Minor Hockey Association. Jarvis also co-owned and served as president of the old Nor-Wes Caps Junior Hockey Association. He was also a member of the Capilano Kiwanis Association.

"I want to thank my constituency staff for all their hard work in helping me to serve my constituents," says Jarvis. "I'm going to miss the Legislature and all my colleagues. In particular, I want to thank Premier Campbell for all of his support and for putting British Columbia back on track. My time as an MLA has been exciting and I would not trade the past 18 years for anything."


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Former Vancouver West police chief Kash Heed is running for the Liberals - that part is well known. But the question on everyone’s mind is which riding.

The Vancouver Sun has listed Vancouver-Fraiserview as a possibility. This ties right in with what Vaughn Palmer and I have been saying for a while about Wally Oppal. The fact that there has been discussions about really reinforces the idea that Wally will run in Delta South.

But back to Kash Heed. I do not believe that he will run in Fraiserview. Why waste a great candidate, especially someone who has an excellent background in crime (the topic of the month) in a riding that the BC Liberals will most likely lose? I have heard that Gabriel Yu, the NDP candidate is also very strong. Just one more reason why the party would be loathe to have Wally or Kash running there.

My belief is that he will run somewhere in West/North Vancouver. There are two reasons for this:

1) It’s his home town. His home and work background center around West/North Vancouver. It makes little sense for him to relocate to another area. The BC Liberals would be reducing his star power.

2) Rumor has it that Dan Jarvis may not be running again. The reasons are unknown but one may be that he has been around since 1991. That is a long time to be a sitting MLA. It is also safe BC Liberal riding and would guarantee whoever ran there a victory.

Side note - If Kash Heed were to win, I believe the party would chose him as their new solicitor general. This is all speculative at the moment but I’m sure we will hear more as the election moves forward. But this is my prediction.

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