Among the Seven Oaks

Four years ago, Public Eye was the first to report on newly-nominated Vancouver-Kensington provincial New Democrat candidate Mable Elmore's controversial interview with Seven Oaks magazine. In that interview, the labour activist said convincing union members to oppose the conflict in Iraq was difficult because of "vocal Zionists in our worksites." So we wanted to know Ms. Elmore's opinion of that statement now that she's be running for elected office. Reached on her cell phone, Ms. Elmore said, "I'm just heading into an elevator. Can I call you back Sean?" She then agreed to a brief interview before the line disconnected. Repeated attempts to reach her since then have been unsuccessful.

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From your Seven Oaks magazine link:

Mable Elmore:

"the self-described radical said it was "time to strike back and to become more militant."

""vocal Zionists in our worksites."


How is the NDP going to appeal to the political centre of the electorate when it runs far-left candidates such as this?

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