Jarvis: "It's going to depend on how I feel over the next couple weeks."

Earlier, we reported it was our understanding provincial Liberal North Vancouver-Seymour backbencher Dan Jarvis would still be running for re-election. This, despite undergoing major surgery in February. But there's talk he may have changed his mind. So we phoned up the man himself this morning to get the scoop. His response: "I'm the nominated candidate for the riding. But I haven't made any decision as to whether I'm not running or running at the moment. It's going to depend on how I feel over the next couple weeks."

And will be he be returning to the legislature before it rises? "I'm trying to get myself up there," said Mr. Jarvis. "But the old body is - that's the trouble with getting old. It's good at times but it's just terrible at others."

There's been speculation former West Vancouver chief constable Kash Heed could run in Vancouver-Seymour if Mr. Jarvis retires.

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