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The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority's chief information officer has "left" the agency due to restructuring. But, according to an email obtained by Public Eye, Greg Feltmate has been replaced by Vivian Eliopoulos on an interim basis. In that email, the authority's interim president and chief executive officer David Ostrow explains that restructuring was necessary to "better align" Vancouver Coastal's management and information systems "with other parts of the organization." And, as part of that effort, chief financial officer Duncan Campbell has taken directly responsibility for those systems. The following is a complete copy of that email.

Changes to Information Management and Information Systems (IMIS) structure to better align service with the organization

Submitted by Dr. David Ostrow, Interim President and CEO

Vancouver Coastal Health has made some changes to its Information Management and Information Systems (IMIS) structure to better align this important service with other parts of the organization.

The announced realignment of the IMIS team this week will see the department return to the portfolio of the Chief Financial Officer, Duncan Campbell. The change will enable VCH's corporate service
functions to work together more effectively and in a way that will reflect the organization's strategic direction of an efficient, effective and sustainable health system.

As a result of the change in reporting structure, the position of Chief Information Officer will no longer be a formal member of the VCH Senior Executive Team. However, the function will be represented at that level by Campbell. It also meant that Greg Feltmate has left his position as Chief Information Officer, to be replaced by Vivian Eliopoulos on an interim basis.

Eliopoulos will work closely with Campbell to take the department through the next steps of realigning its services with VCH's clinical directions. She will also work with our partners at Providence and
Fraser Health to strengthen the collaboration around our various IMIS functions and services. Eliopoulos, while well known through her work with the IMIS team, is currently in a term position as Operations Director of Peri-Operative Services at Vancouver Acute and will continue to work with the leadership team there as required.

In discussing the changes with IMIS staff, Duncan Campbell commended the team on their continued commitment to ensuring VCH services are structured and delivered in a way that best suits the needs of patients, clients, residents, staff and physicians. "There is no doubt that the coming months will present many challenges as we refocus and realign our priorities," he said. "However, I am looking forward to working through those challenges to make IMIS an even stronger part of the VCH system."

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