Jiles arranged meeting for Washington State representative

Mark Jiles, the president of The Progressive Group, arranged a meeting between a Washington State representative and a senior member of the provincial government's BC Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games secretariat. This, according to emails obtained exclusively by Public Eye via a freedom of information request.

At the time, Progressive was under contract with the state to "identify" and "assist in securing" business opportunities for Washington companies.

Mr. Jiles has said that contract, "didn't, in our mind, constitute lobbying" under the Lobbyists Registration Act - so he didn't register. But, under that legislation, consultant lobbyists are required to sign-up if they arrange a meeting between a "public office holder" and another "person."

On September 13, 2006, Mr. Jiles asked secretariat executive Brian Krieger, if he "would have some time next Thursday, September 21st" to speak with himself and Washington 2010 director Mary Rose about hosting "a couple 2010 Commerce Centre seminars" in the state.

Mr. Krieger, the centre's director, replied, "I look forward to meeting with Mary Rose on the 21st." And a message sent from Mr. Jiles to Mr. Smith on September 21 states, "Mary rose was delayed at the border so we won't be there until 11:30am. I hope this works for you!!"

Government spokesperson Rena Kendall-Craden couldn't confirm whether that meeting actually took place. Nor could she confirm if Mr. Krieger is, in fact, a government employee and therefore a public office holder. But Mr. Krieger is listed on the government's employee phone directory as a member of the secretariat - part of the ministry of economic development.

Mr. Jiles's emails also reference the fact he had been "communicating with Minister (Colin) Hansen and his Staff" to see if the Olympics minister could attend the Seattle Regional Chamber of Commerce's annual convention - which was scheduled to get underway on October 18, 2006. This, as part of an effort to assist the state "and many Washington State companies capitalized (sic) on the numerous 2010 Olympic opportunities."

Asked for comment, New Democrat attorney general critic Leonard Krog stated, "The evidence, obviously, continues to mount against Progressive. And I hope the lobbyist registrar will look at all of the information while conducting his review."

Mr. Krog has asked David Loukidelis to investigative if Mr. Jiles and Progressive chairman Patrick Kinsella should have registered as lobbyists for Washington, as well as a number of their other clients. Mr. Jiles, who earlier told Public Eye Progressive wants "to be open and honest," didn't respond to a request for comment.

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