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Earlier this week, Public Eye exclusively obtained documents from the State of Washington in which The Progressive Group boasts of having helped win major government contracts and benefits of powerful corporate and foreign interests. But what's also astonishing is that those documents - in their entirety - were delivered to us just eight days after Public Eye requested those documents from the state.

By comparison, reporters in British Columbia often wait months or even years for the Campbell administration to respond to freedom of information requests. And when the province does release that information, it's usually heavily censored - despite a 2001 promise by the Liberals to run the most open and accountable government in Canada.

"We really suffer in comparison," said BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association executive director Darrell Evans, when asked for comment. Those who run the government think of it as "their private party and the public isn't really invited. That's kind of the attitude. At the very core it's an elite concept of governance."

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