Doing the splits

Yesterday, we exclusively told you turfed provincial Liberal candidate Joe Cardoso would be running for the British Columbia Conservatives in the upcoming election. And, in an interview with Public Eye, the Liberals' replacement candidate says that could mean vote-splitting on the right in Boundary-Similkameen. Speaking to Public Eye, former Osoyoos mayor John Slater said, "I think it's unfortunate that he feels he has to run for the Conservatives. Obviously, I'm a strong Liberal supporter. And I think that a Liberal government will be put back in in May. And I want to be part of that team obviously. But I'm not sure what the dynamics will be with a Conservative candidate who used to be a Liberal."

"Obviously, the Conservatives and the Liberals are both right-wing parties," Mr. Slater continued. "And it could split the right vote and the NDP could come up the middle."

As a result, he's going to be reminding voters "that any ballot that's cast for the Conservatives is a vote for the NDP."

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