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Earlier this month, The Times Colonist's Rob Shaw and Lindsay Kines reported provincial bureaucrats were being polled on a proposal that could see employees "voluntarily reduce their work week to save money and prevent job cuts within the civil service." The results of that poll are in. And Public Eye can now reveal 52 percent of respondents voted against the proposal. The following is a complete copy of those results.

The Results are in!

Poll Results: Intranet Poll

Thank you to all those who participated in this poll. The results andfeedback received will be considered by the

Deputy Ministers' Committee on the Public Service, and any next steps will be communicated on @Work.

Are you in favour of the idea of working temporarily reduced hours if the savings were directly applied to offset potential job impacts in the public service.

1,969 (48%) Yes
2,102 (52%) No

Which proposed reduced workweek option outlined in the discussion paper do you prefer?

366 (9%) Voluntary winter holiday season reduction
878 (22%) Voluntary summer workweek reduction
939 (23%) Voluntary ongoing reduction
1,868 (46%) None of the above

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