Cardoso: "It hasn't been publicly announced yet."

Former provincial Liberal Boundary-Similkameen candidate Joe Cardoso will be running for the British Columbia Conservatives in the upcoming election, Public Eye has exclusively learned. In an interview Mr. Cardoso said, "It hasn't been publicly announced yet...The day after tomorrow was when we're planning on making the big announcement."

Mr. Cardoso, a former Okanagan-Similkameen regional director, had his Liberal nomination revoked last month. The reason: in a 2005 letter to the Oliver Chronicle, he criticized the Campbell administration for putting ideology ahead of "the people that pay the bills."

But, in an interview with the Penticton Western News's Kristi Patton, Liberal communications and membership services director Chad Pederson said the issue is one of disclosure and not what was said. "I can say that information was not disclosed. We have a fairly extensive candidate questionnaire and part of that is disclosure of information of this nature."

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"Hey Joe where are you going with that ballot in your hand". This is the type of person I have much respect for, the type of person who won't back down 10/10. Even though our politics aren't on the same side of the spectrum I take my hat off to you joe. I would be very intrested in knowing more about the BCC Party maybe I could be swayed.

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