Chudnovsky: " is a straight mistake in reporting."

New Democrat legislator David Chudnovsky says the Coalition of Progressive Electors made an error when it recorded receiving $2,200 worth of in-kind donations from his constituency office during the recent election campaign. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Chudnovsky explained those donations - which included "office equip/phones" and "sign wires" - came instead from his constituency association.

"The person who filled out that form was confused as to the difference between our constituency office and our constituency association," he said. "A letter has already gone to the city explaining the error. And there's a form that amends the form that you have seen. And that letter that will amend that report is going in within the 30 days required."

"We are really scrupulous at our office about making sure it is a non-partisan office," Mr. Chudnovsky added. "And it is a straight mistake in the reporting."

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