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If your worth is measured by your pay cheque, members of the media appear to be less valued by society than those paid to spin them. According to an exclusive analysis by Public Eye, the maximum salary for a provincial government communications director - $110,315.74 - is 22 percent more than that of a reporter at The Province or The Vancouver Sun. And it's 29 percent more than the maximum salary for reporters at The Times Colonist. All of which likely adds insult to injury to journalists who are worried about losing the pay they do have. The following is a complete copy of that analysis.

Salary ranges for major unionized print media reporters

The Canadian Press ($44,752.24 - $72,127.12)
The Times Colonist ($51,653.68 - $77,936.04)
The Globe and Mail ($47.110.96 - $84,199.44)
The Province, The Vancouver Sun ($53,998.36 - $86,140.08)

Salary ranges for public affairs bureau staff

Public Affairs Officer ($47,278.25 - $79,847.87)
Communications Manager ($68,290.83 - $93,505.88)
Communications Director ($78,797.25 - $110,315.74)

Salary ranges for minister's staff

Executive Assistant ($51,300.17 - $68,400.14)
Ministerial Assistant ($66,150.20 - $94,500.14)
Press Secretary, Policy Coordination and Issues Management Director ($105,000.04 - $130,000.11)

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What a revealing analysis! Way to go Sean! Are government communications directors "spin doctors" or just "masters of propaganda"?

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