Hansen: "I have no such ambitions."

Gordon Campbell may be leader of the provincial Liberals now. But in a few years, he might not be. So, last night, on Voice of BC we asked Finance Minister Colin Hansen if he would be interested in running for that post when Premier Campbell steps down. His response: "Actually, I expect that I will have a lot more grey hair by that time. And I hope not only that Gordon Campbell is re-elected in this election but that he will be re-elected in other elections to come, as well."

"I'm a huge supporter of his," Minister Hansen continued. "I think he has shown tremendous leadership for this province through difficult times and good times. His is the leadership we need right now. And I can tell Sean unequivocally that I have no such ambitions.

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Dear God Colin...is the Kool-Aid all you're drinking???

Sad. Very sad.

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