Kinsella: Progressive engaged "to assist in understanding...the Core Review Process"

Yesterday, as first reported by Global BC's John Daly, former provincial Liberal campaign co-chair Patrick Kinsella released a statement explaining why British Columbia Railway Co. transferred $297,567 to his firms between 2002 and 2005. The following is a complete copy of that statement.


March 12, 2009


VANCOUVER BC - The following is in response to questions raised in the BC Legislature today regarding the contractual relationship between BC Rail and Mr. Patrick Kinsella of the Vancouver-based Progressive Holdings.

Mr. Kinsella was engaged by BC Rail to assist in understanding and interpreting the Core Review Process as to its potential impact on the Corporation. BC Rail sought counsel on what implications, if any, might affect the Crown Corporation's operations and their strategic plan going forward.

The review process was the focus of the discussions between the Corporation and Progressive Holdings during the four-year term of the contract.

Progressive Holdings charged a monthly retainer for professional services including strategic communication counsel and interpretation of public policy initiatives.

Patrick Kinsella is the President of Progressive Holdings and the Chairman of The Progressive Group. His firm provides strategic counsel to clients on political and public policy initiatives in British Columbia.

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Um...okay..well now that we have Pat's attention, will he please answer how his news release relates to the 2004 email between BC Rail Executive Vice President Kevin Mahoney and another executive, where they were discussing why Pat was being paid?

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