Recession hits 24 hours

I am saddened to inform you that, due to downsizing, I've been laid off as 24 hours newspaper's legislative reporter. The economic downturn has hit the news industry hard. And, unfortunately, I'm among the casualties. So I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers at 24 hours for their support and encouragement over the past four years. In the meantime, Public Eye will continue covering civic, provincial and federal politics in British Columbia with the same diligence. And, as always, you can listen to Public Eye Radio every Sunday morning on CFAX 1070.


Sean - my friend and colleague - I am deeply shocked and depressed at this bad news. But I know with your great talents and experience you will land somewhere else soon. And I know Public Eye will continue to be the most important political website in BC.

Sean, my friend, you have a huge fan base and you are must reading for anyone interested in B.C. politics. The "Sean Show" will go on!

My dear friend Sean:

There is nothing I can write or say that adequately conveys or could articulate my sadness for you. It has been a very trying day, certainly, for all of us. This is an ugly economy to be sure, and it's likely to get worse before it gets better.

But your incredible skills and marvelous abilities will hardly have you sitting at all, I'm sure!

PEO is the most celebrated and significant political website in this province--bar none. And it will remain so.

Your contributions to fine journalism are a legacy that you can build on, without question.

Those of us who are devoted Public Eye fans will continue to salute you!

And on a very personal note: Thank you so very much for being so supportive of many of us with your kind words. I feel privileged to call you my friend and am honoured to have worked with you.

Something must be done, Sean.

Have you and your colleagues put your minds to a new economic model that would allow reader/audience-supported journalism to continue? I fear that many other good journalists will be in the same position shortly.

And while I'm not prepared to prop up CanWest or 24 Hours, I'm sure I'm not alone in being more than willing to pay for the valuable service that you and other good reporters provide.

Let me add that you have many fans within government. Journalists like you, Sean, are a treasure, and without your watchful eye public policy would suffer. There have been many times in the last several years that you have broken important stories that have been picked up by other reporters and by the opposition. A big hug and thank you also to Dawn Steele for your insightful comments and unyielding vigilance in monitoring the stories from this website.

Hey there Sean, short sighted of them, though on the other hand they may not survive all that much longer in any case.

Time to ramp up Public Eye Online and have that be your real bread and butter


We all feel for Sean, that's why we wrote what we did here.

However, lowering the level of tributes by going so far as to questioning whether 24hrs will survive, is really a bit much.

Do you have any evidence of this? Are the rest of us not able to carry the weight? Are you an expert in spit-balling a national franchise's balancesheet?

Sean will be missed...we've established that.

But quite beyond that, stop being an ass.

Dear Sean. ( lemons + sugar + water = lemon-aid )

Sean if we learn one thing from you ,
it's that we need an INDEPENDANT-MEDIA...!

( you can't just squeeze lemon's and expect that it some-how become's "lemon-aid" ...? )

As the big-publication's are saying "internet" and blogging are/is cutting into their business. I wounder if they forgot what kind of business they are in...!

For example: Sale's for Victoria-Street-Newz Paper's , are going up.

( especially for me ) ( personally )
subscripition's are up as well.

------ Independant-Media ...? -------

Take a look at Amy-Goodman
( )

She was a news-reader , on a net-work of 5-station's.

She was fired by WBAI new-york

Her fan's & fallower's , gave her a space in a fire-hall and on the internet

( so that she can continue to do her show )

NOW LOOK at where she is ...!

look how many radio-station's carry her show
( CFUV victoria AM-900 )...?

She sell's book's....!
She gives speach's.
She's on TV.
and yes , She's been here to Victoria.

look at the website.

---- Un-leash your shackle's buddy ------

Release the "news-hound" with-in you ...?
( voted in as leg-cheif, "live on radio" ) 100% of the vote...!

the people will suport you ,,,
and the advertiser's will fallow them too...!

( it's a brave "New-World" ) make of it ,

what we wish / need / demand !

ted... ( look at the history of Amy-Goodman )

she certainly took her lemons , and she mixed them with sugar, water, ice, cups, and a cool looking lemon-aid-stand ...!

and now ,
there is room for us to drink , for free ...!


I agree; start a subscription option!!

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