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Earlier, under questioning from reporters, Finance Minister Colin Hansen conceded his bet the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics will, in part, stimulate the provincial economy out of recession is based on a four-year-old RBC Financial Group analysis. And he acknowledged that recession will "obviously have some impact" on the economic benefits of that event. But, in a late afternoon interview, Minister Hansen clarified that doesn't mean he thinks the recent downturn will dampen the dollar value of those games.

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It is an exceedingly painful process to watch an otherwise decent man, dance his way through an issue, by babbling incoherently about data and drive-by spin. The top economists in the world have made it clear--we are in a global recession that will not turn the corner for some YEARS, not quarters Minister.

I would feel much better if he just came out and stated it, without the perfunctory messaging mumbo-jumbo. Instead, he actually had the gall to claim that "maybe" last quarter was recessionary, and perhaps this one too...

Good grief Colin, what's happened to you?

It's entirely incredible to listen to someone tell us that we may see a significant bump from the Olympics...

If you don't know what last quarter and this quarter brought you, then how the hell are you going to know what will transpire post-Olympics? You don;t have current data, so then what "data" are you basing your predictions on???

Mindless drivel from an otherwise very decent man.

Very, very sad.

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