Beware pharmacists bearing gifts?

The British Columbia Pharmacy Association came to the legislature today bearing gifts for press gallery members. Each member was given a bag of small items to help reporters "get through all the minor ailments and long hours of covering the candidates on the campaign trial." Let's take a look inside.

The following is a complete copy of the letter that came with those gifts.

March 2, 2009

RE: Pharmacist Awareness Week, March 1-7, 2009


This week, March 1-7 2009, is Pharmacist Awareness Week in BC. To help you and your colleagues in the Press Gallery prepare for the upcoming election on May 12, 2009, your community pharmacists have assembled a few small items to help you get through all the minor ailments and long hours of covering the candidates on the campaign trail!

Your Election Campaign Survival Kit includes items for the temporary relief of:

Bad breath: mouthwash, toothpaste, dental floss, breath mints
Sore, tired feet: moleskin padding, foot powder
Dry, chapped lips and hands: lip balm, hand cream
Arches and pains: acetaminophen
Hunger: energy bar
Sweaty palms: hand sanitizer
Motion sickness: anti-nauseant

We hope you will find these items useful in the days ahead, and remember to talk to your community pharmacist for all of your prescription and over the counter medication questions. Pharmacists are the medication experts - the more you tell them, the more they can help!


Marnie Mitchell, CEO

P.S. Please find enclosed a copy of our press release and information about our public awareness campaign this year, "5 Tips for Getting the Best Value from Your Medication".


No viagara, tsk, tsk.

Bad breath, stinky feet, sweaty palms, nausea?

My, my - what an unpleasant bunch you are!

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