More drops in the bucket

Private bingo hall and community gaming centre interests appear to have contributed $44,700 to the Liberals between January 1 and October 29, 2008. That brings their total apparent contributions to $314,411 since 2002. But none of the donations during that period in 2008 were made via companies publicly-identified as bingo hall service providers in British Columbia Lottery Corp. annual reports released between fiscal 2002/03 and 2007/08.

The majority of those donations ($37,500) came from Dominion Catering Ltd. K&T Properties Ltd., Probe Management Ltd., R&E Projects Ltd. and THN Holdings Ltd. Tom Nellis - the chief executive officer of Playtime Community Gaming Centres Inc., British Columbia's largest bingo and community gaming centre operator - is the president of all those companies. He also personally contributed $1,000.

Meanwhile, Good Time Bingo Hall Inc. president John Major made personal contributions totaling $3,200. An additional $2,500 came from his company Otter Properties Ltd. And a numbered company - 593904 BC Ltd. - also donated $500 to the Liberals. Merle Gardner is the president of that company, along with Lucky's Ventures Ltd. - the service provider for Chances Signal Point in Williams Lake.

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