The Power of One?

Earlier, we exclusively reported David Morhart has been appointed as the provincial government's new public security commissioner. Speaking to reporters, Solicitor General John Van Dongen said Mr. Morhart wouldn't be assigned any additional staff to assist him in implementing the government's guns and gangs strategy. "He will simply assume the responsibility for all of those components of the ministry and that will be his specific focus. So some of the administrative side, the finance side, all of the management of the ministry will fall to Dana Hayden."

Asked why the government didn't give that job to former West Vancouver chief constable Kash Heed, Solicitor General Van Dongen said, "We believe that David Morhart is well-respected in government. And, as the attorney general said, all of the stakeholders within government have to be collaborative, have to work together. David Morhart has exhibited the capability of delivering on that. That's why he's been given this position."

Solicitor General Van Dongen also said he wasn't aware whether government had approached Mr. Heed about being involved with the guns and gangs strategy. The following is tape of the relevant portion of that scrum.

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