NDP endorse potential Liberal candidate?

Yesterday, the West Vancouver Police Board announced Kash Heed had resigned as chief constable after less than two years on the job. That announcement immediately resulted in speculation Mr. Heed might run for the provincial Liberals in the next election, with The Province's Michael Smyth telling CKNW's Philip Till this morning "the bottom-line is Philip, Gordon Campbell needs a new top cop - somebody the public can respect, somebody who is smart and savvy with the media. And Kash Heed may fill that bill." But, if Mr. Heed does run for the Liberals, the New Democrats could have a tough time criticizing his candidacy.

After all, in a November 2007 news release, Opposition House Leader Mike Farnworth praised Mr. Heed as being "one of the most highly respected and capable police officers in the province." Fancy that!


He may be a great cop but I am not at all sure that being a great police officer makes one a great MLA. Perhaps you know something I don't....db

After all, being a good judge didn't make Wally Oppal a very good AG....db

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