The unhappy medium

Last month, ForestEthics co-founder Tzeporah Berman told CKNW's Bill Good, "I think the opposition that we're seeing in B.C. by some environmental groups to the move toward green power - the whole kind of 'save-our-rivers' piece - needs to be rethought." The reason: "We need to re-evaluate our priorities based upon what we know about global warming. Yes, we need to do it smart. We need to be careful about our rivers. But the fact is we need to support the move to green power." So what does Save Our Rivers Society spokesman Rafe Mair think about that statement?

Speaking yesterday on Public Eye Radio, Mr. Mair said, "Everybody wants green power, Sean. This is not green power at all. These are huge environmental insults. I'm very sad about Tzeporah - so are most of her old colleagues. She has simply gone over. There's a group of people in the environmental field who say, 'Look, what we should do here is not fight. We should negotiate.' Well, I'm going to tell you you can't negotiate with the hangman. You may be able to get the rope turned a little way around and the knot in another place. But he's going to hang you. You can't negotiate over fish farms - which they're trying to do. You either have fish farms destroying the wild fish or you don't have fish farms. It's the same thing with this power. There is no happy medium."


I agree with Rafe. BC and Canada should be self sufficient and sustainable in energy as well. We have to look at how we are going to get our energy. We must do a complete and thorough study of all ways we can generate energy, whether it be hydro, coal, solar, geothermal, wind, nuclear, wood, biofuels, gas or any other source of energy. All methods must be examined and these results must be public. Only after such a study can we use an energy source. We must do this so our energy sources are sustainable and not harmful to the environment.
For example, with the Site C Dam project, we would look at the costs to the environment, people displaced, farmland lost, water use downstream and the generation of energy without producing GHG’s, etc.

I disagree. The only real arguement with validity is that these projects should be owned by the people of BC, the Crown Corp BC Hydro. We wrote about this topic on our newservice at

Rafe is wrong comparing this to fish farms. There is no comparison. The land is returned to it's natural state except for a narrow pipeleine path (in some cases underground) and widelife returns to the entire area with virtually no harm.

These run of river projects are better than the huge dams and are the best most reliable source of clean green energy available. Far better than windmills and solar energy. Investigate how solar panels are made. No this is the very best save none.

Please don't waste your valuable energy fighting this great source of electricity, use it fighting the giving of it away to private interests.

Rafe Mair never met an axe-fight he wanted to turn away from. He spent all those years at CKNW (plus politics before that) where his trademark approach was to set everything on fire with provocative comments - just to stir things up and get reactions from people. The poor guy got addicted to the fame that came with starting all those fights and now he’s available for hire to other fire-starter groups.

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