Paper cuts

Last month, Catalyst Paper Corp. announced, beginning July 1, it would only be paying $6 million in municipal taxes instead of the $23 million it is normally assessed. And it's asked the Campbell administration to make up the difference, threatening to close a paper mill unless the provincial and municipal governments agree to its demands. So, in that context, our readers may be interested to know Norman Stickelmann - the former president of the Canadian Property Tax Association Inc., registered as a lobbyist for Catalyst in January. On May 9, 2008, The Vancouver Sun's Don Cayo reported Mr. Stickelmann was then a member of the Vancouver Fair Tax Coalition's technical committee.

Community Development Minister Kevin Krueger has since told The Ladysmith-Chemainus Chronicle the government "will not pay a corporation's taxes to another government. That's not something we would ever do."

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