Sutherland: "I've heard that before...that same sentence from John Les."

On Monday, we reported former solicitor general John Les warning to rural agency store owners was similar to an alleged statement he made to Canadian Association of Home Inspectors (BC) Bill Sutherland. Specifically, Mr. Les - who denied making such a statement in 2006 - warned owners in an email that if there was "one more question in QP" about their concerns "or an article in the paper" they wouldn't receive any help from the government.

Asked about that apparent similarity, Mr. Sutherland said, "It's really strange. I've heard that before...that same sentence from John Les. Those are almost the words he said to me." But, for his own part, Mr. Les told Public Eye, "I don't recall any interaction like that with Mr. Sutherland at all...I'm not sure there was an incident with Mr. Sutherland at all."

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