On the road again?

Yesterday, we confirmed some media outlets are "taking a second look at their plans" to send reporters on the provincial New Democrats' campaign bus during the upcoming election. And, according Vaughn Palmer, the same considerations are taking place concerning the Liberals' campaign bus - although party communications director Chad Pederson told us he hasn't yet had any conversations yet about the issue. So, if there isn't a traveling press corps during the upcoming campaign, how will the election be covered?

"News organizations are planning to fill the gap by pooling resources and partnering with local media outlets," writes Mr. Palmer, in today's edition of The Vancouver Sun. "Both parties are preparing to make greater use of telephones and the Internet, allowing reporters to follow speeches, scrums and announcements on line."

"Most likely the campaigns will be organized to ensure that the party leaders are in the main provincial media centre, Vancouver, at least once in every 24-hour news cycle. But there was no question that the nature of the campaigns would change," he continued.

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