Campbell: "Look, I wouldn't write emails like that."

The controversy over Tourism, Culture and the Arts Minister Bill Bennett's heated email to a tourism operator in his constituency made it to the legislature today. New Democrat MLA Norm Macdonald wanted to know whether Gordon Campbell thought Minister Bennett's conduct was "acceptable" - demanding the premier "stand and speak." This, after the East Kootenay legislator wrote a message describing the operator as having "bigoted" and "ignorant" opinions. But the premier didn't oblige until he was confronted by reporters outside the legislature, telling them the language in Minister Bennett's recent diatribe is "quite a bit different" compared with the one that resulted in his resignation from cabinet two years ago. However, the premier acknowledged, "Look, I wouldn't write emails like that. But I think Bill will be held to account on May 12 by his constituents."

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Allow me to translate the Premier's politically correct euphamism.

"Look, we all know Bill is a blowhard fool but we must have faith that his constituents will do the right thing and take care of the problem for us. Alternatively people should do what the rest of the Liberal Caucus does and treat him like a crazy great uncle at Christmas dinner and simply ignore his irrelevant rants."

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