Crawley candidacy confirmed

Earlier, we reported Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP partner Alfred Apps would likely be running for the federal Liberal national presidency against Mike Crawley. And, in an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Crawley - the party's Ontario president - confirmed his name will be on the ballot. "We've got a great opportunity with the Liberal Party right now, I think, not only to return to power but also to do a heck of a lot of good things for the country. We've got a strong leader. We've got some great ideas that are coming up through the Liberal Party - different policy ideas that can really change the country and make it even better then it is now. But the question is: how do you get from the opposition benches into government again," he explained.

"The old style is you get a few downtown Toronto guys to go out and raise some money and hit up all the corporations and raise some money and that's how you did it. What works is, you've got to go out and get as many people engaged in the Liberal Party as you possibly can. You don't have to look too far to see what happened with the Obama campaign," Mr. Crawley continued.

"It wasn't three or four backroom boys who made Obama the nominee and then president. It was a nationwide movement. Everybody who wanted to get involved in that campaign got involved and was given a role to play. And it's not just it's a nice thing to do to reach out and get involved. It's the way you win political campaigns in the twenty-first century, period."

"So what I want to do with the Liberal Party is really open it up - bring a lot of new people into the party. I want to engage the people that are within the party right now. A lot of people have been left on the sidelines - haven't been engaged as much and been involved as much with campaigns as before. And I want to really create robust political movement. And that's how you get more ideas, better ideas. And that's how you elect more MPs."

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