Guidewire act

The Structural Engineers Association of British Columbia is developing guidelines for the construction of five and six storey wood-frame buildings. But, in an interview with Public Eye, association interim president David Davey said he would preferred it if those guidelines had been made mandatory by the provincial government. Mr. Davies made those comments following enactment of a Building Code amendment that will allow for the construction of those controversial buildings as early as April 6.

"We knew they were coming - that the government was intending to proceed. So it's no surprise to us. But the Structural Engineers Association has concern that there are problems with wood-frame construction that become more severe as the height goes up," said Mr. Davey - specifically referring to the earthquake safety and wood shrinkage issues surrounding such buildings.

"In order to ensure structural engineers are prepared for the design of higher buildings, we have setup a committee to prepare some guidelines for the benefit of practitioners" by April, he continued. However, the association "would have liked them to be made mandatory by referencing them in the Building Code. But the time was not sufficient for that to be done. So they will come out more as recommendations and assistance to designers."

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We now hear that "time was not sufficient" to embed the "guidelines" in the BC Building Code. In other words, the Minister was in such a hurry that he recklessly disregarded the need to ensure homeowner protection and safety. Same Minister, same crap. Different pile. All this and the official opposition is mute.

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