Kickoffs brushed off?

The provincial New Democrats have been begun organzing campaign kickoffs events featuring party leader Carole James. But those events, which are being coordinated by Molly Eichar, don't seem particularly popular with the party's netroots. At publication time, upcoming kickoffs in the Kootenays, Vancouver-North Shore and Burnaby-Fraser Valley have just 11, 55 and 19 scheduled attendees respectively, according to Facebook. And the Vancouver Island North kickoff, which took place on January 17 at Nanaimo's Beban Park Recreation Centre, had 35 Facebook attendees. But, in an interview with Public Eye, New Democrat communications director David Bieber said that was just a fraction of the 190 supporters who actually showed up for the Vancouver Island North event. And "we're thinking the one on Saturday night, in downtown Vancouver, will be reasonably well-attended."

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