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The BC Recreation and Parks Association is looking to put its issues on the ballot during the upcoming provincial election. According to bid documents released last week, the association sees the election as an opportunity to "make the case for increased long-term support and funding" for the recreation, parks, physical activity and culture sectors. And it's interested in hiring a consultant to create a "comprehensive strategy" that will allow the sector to "engage candidates and political parties." The following is an edited copy of that request for expressions of interest.

January 12, 2009



The BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) seeks expressions of interest from qualified and experienced individuals or firms to research and prepare a comprehensive strategy for the parks, recreation, physical activity and culture sector to engage candidates and political parties, and the public, during the upcoming Provincial Election, May 12, 2009.

Qualified parties are invited to respond by submitting a letter expressing their interest to the BCRPA Communications Manager no later than 12:00 noon, January 23, 2009.

Contact Information: Myles Tycholis
Communications Manager
BC Recreation and Parks Association

Submissions should include the heading "Expression of Interest" - BCRPA Election Strategy" and should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word.

Submissions not meeting the requirements as outlined within this request or received after the deadline may not be considered.

Submissions should include the following, in the order presented below:

1. A letter of introduction confirming the candidate's complete name, address, telephone number, facsimile, and e-mail address, as well as a description of relevant experiences, resources, etc. The letter should briefly state why the Candidate is interested in undertaking the project described herein.
2. Three (3) references (including contact names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers).
3. A budget outlining detailed expenses of the project including a schedule of fees, with hourly rates, total cost and post-contract supplemental rate.

Expressions of Interest received by the Communications Manager by the deadline date of January 23rd will be reviewed by a selection committee. Final selection will be made by January 28th, 2009. Every effort will be made to notify all candidates once selection has been finalized.

All inquiries relating to the Request for Expression of Interest are to be directed to the BCRPA Communications Manager.
Organizational Overview

The British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association is a not for profit organization dedicated to building and sustaining active healthy lifestyles and communities in BC. Established in 1958, the Association is a central resource agency for members and stakeholders of the parks, recreation, physical activity and culture sector, providing leadership, training and support to help meet national, provincial and local priorities. Through a diverse network of partners and extensive programs and services, BCRPA actively advocates accessibility and inclusiveness to recreation and physical activity and strives to bridge the gap between recreation and sport.


As the voice of the parks, recreation, physical activity and culture sector, BCRPA seeks to create a comprehensive election strategy to increase awareness among political parties and candidates of our sector's issues and the important role it plays in creating a high quality of life for all British Columbians. *

With the BC Provincial Election scheduled for May 12, 2009, there is an immediate opportunity and responsibility to:

* Promote and create support among the public for recreation, parks, physical activity and culture in the province
* Increase candidates' & parties' understanding of the importance of recreation, parks, physical activity and culture within communities
* Make the case for increased long-term support and funding for the sector as an investment for the health and wellness of individuals and families and the sustainability and vitality of communities
* Request candidates to outline their vision for and commitment to recreation, parks, physical activity and culture for BC

Now is the perfect time to make a strong case for our sector. Capturing the attention of all political parties and the public will assist BCRPA in increasing the profile and awareness of the sector and the benefits it brings to all British Columbians.


* Development of a comprehensive election strategy which can be used to:
* Successfully raise the profile of the sector among the public
* Successfully make the sector's issues into pivotal issues of the election, requiring discussion and proposed policy from candidates and parties

* Identify, outline and develop all elements required for the strategy's rollout. This must include:
* Tactics and tools for the BCRPA to use on a provincial level
* Tactics and tools for community-level partners to use locally

*View the Parks, Recreation & Culture Sectoral Strategic Plan here.


Distribute Request for Expression of Interest January 13th, 2009
Proposal submission Deadline January 23rd, 2009
Evaluate submissions January 26th, 2009
Notification of selection January 28th, 2009
First draft February 6th, 2009
Updates/Reports Weekly
Detailed Plan/Tool Kit February 18, 2009

Selection Process

The BCRPA will take into account such matters it considers appropriate in selecting the successful consultant. Evaluation criteria will include:

* The consultant's understanding of the assignment
* The experience and qualifications of the consultant
* Fees and disbursements
* References


The consultant should be aware of the following:

* The letter of interest should confirm that neither the consultant nor any member of the consulting team would be in a conflict of interest with respect to the project if the consultant were selected to perform the services required.

* All letters of interest will become the property of the BCRPA and, as such, are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislation. To request documentation confidentiality, bidders must submit a covering letter with their Proposal, detailing the specifics of their request.

The Association reserves the right to award the contract based on the merits of the proposals in relation to its needs. The contract will not necessarily be awarded based on the lowest bid or the lack of competition. The Association reserves the right to award the contract, negotiate the specific terms of the contract, and make other adjustments as required in consultation with the successful bidder.

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